About Us

The Beginning…

It all began that year, 2016.

Sultan’s career as a programmer was flourishing, and he was recognized as an expert contributor to the WordPress ecosystem. 

Then, motivated by his desire to improve personally and creatively, he considered creating something he could truly call his own. Since he was already helping others with their projects, he figured, “Why not do something on my own?”

The ByteEver era had officially begun, and the rest is ancient history.

The Entrance and Expanding

ByteEver’s first big break came from an online marketplace, and it was a one-in-a-million call to partner with them.

We never had to hunt for new clients after they signed on as our long-term, reliable clients.

Because that first client became an investor, and our success story continued from there, with more clients and employees joining the fold.

Putting Developments in Fold

Going digital was never an option, as new habits were being welcomed by the times, and individuals needed to adapt to the changing environment around them.

2016 was filled with digital footprints but there were still issues that weren’t completely resolved.

This is where ByteEver focused and started making development works by building websites with custom solutions based on the needs of our clients.

Starting of PluginEver

Going digital was the new norm, and with the support of the most dependable and open-source eCommerce platform, WooCommerce, a business could be established.

However, WooCommerce does not come packed with solutions. There was a widespread inability to customize and use many features.

The idea for PluginEver originated there and it was created with a pile of market-leading extensions that enhance the usability and functionality of your WooCommerce store.

Starting of Ever Accounting

Anyone can create their business online but not everyone can manage it. A business’s financial health can have a major impact on the overall success of the business.

That is why accounting is important to accurately track financial transactions, manage inventory and understand business profitability.

Well for that reason Ever Accounting was created exclusively for WordPress users to maintain track of income and expenses of their small businesses to manage cash flow and stay on top of tax deadlines.

Now, Five Years Later

  • Delivered 100+ custom WordPress websites for customers
  • Our plugins are used by almost over 30,000 users
  • Created market-leading WooCommerce extensions to help store owners
  • Came up with the most reliable accounting solution for small business owners 

Our Core Values

Customer First

The satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal.

Focus on Impact

We use data to identify critical issues and devise effective solutions.

Move Fast

Our growth, knowledge, and intelligence are proportional to our rate of adaptation.

Be Transparent

Transparency creates reliability, which is the foundation of our relationships.

Keep it Simple

We develop ideas that are easy to explain. It doesn’t get better than this.

Enjoy the Journey

In our team, we keep things light and humorous rather than tense.

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